Town of Beaver Newsletter
July 11, 2007

Golden Gate of the Ozarks Bridge and the train trestle


Manager Sue Tinsley

Great day a total of 43 children came out to participate in the Mr. and Miss Beaver AR. Contest lots of different personality. I was glad I wasn't having to judge this great group of children. I would like to thank all the guest that helped me & Billy with this fun day of events and a special thanks to our judges; LaDonna Padgett, Georgia Holland, Cathy Shusta, and Dana Johnson. Lots of guests in the park for the holidays, the fireworks were great and a special thanks to the family that shared them with us.

Contest Winners

MR. Beaver AR. (age newborn - 5 yrs)

1st place Keith Hollingsworth 5 yrs. St Paul, AR.

2nd place Brody Bryd 3 yrs. Garfield, AR.

3rd place Lane Graves 10 mo. Green Forrest, AR.

Miss Beaver AR. (age newborn - 5 yrs)

1st place Anna Lee Garrison 5 yrs. Eureka Springs, AR.

2nd place Skyla Lackey 5 yrs. Rogers, AR.

3rd place Abbie Richie 3 yrs. Combs, AR.

MR Beaver AR. (age 6 yrs - 12 yrs)

1st place Justin Graves 9 Green Forrest ,AR.

2nd place Casey Padgett 7 yrs. Inola, Ok.

3rd place Levi Edens 10 yrs. West Fork, AR.

Miss Beaver AR. (age 6yrs - 12yrs)

1st place Julie Hollingsworth 10 yrs Delaine AR.

2nd place Kristen Williams 11 yrs. Delaine AR.

3rd place Angel Edens 9 yrs. West Fork AR.

MR. Beaver AR. (age 13yrs-17 yrs)

1st place Rodney Edens 13 yrs. West Fork AR.

2nd place Dalton Edens 13 yrs. Huntsville AR.

3rd place Egan Anderson 13 yrs.Garfield AR.

Miss Beaver AR. (age 13 yrs - 17yrs)

1st place Jordon Hollingsworth 14 yrs. Delaine AR.

2nd place Hailee Morgan 17yrs. Osage AR.

3rd place Tina Edens 12 yrs. West Fork AR

Hog calling contest - all ages

1st place - Destinee Stark 3yrs. Combs AR.

2nd place - Abbie Richie 3yrs. Combs AR.

3rd place - Levi Edens 10yrs. West Fork AR.

3 legged race - all ages

1st place - Morgan Edans & Kristen Williams

2nd place - Johnathan Edans & curtis Williams

3rd place - Lillian & Angel Edans

4th place Colton & Casey Padgett

2 man wheelbarrel race - all ages

1st place Colton & Casey

Watermelon eating contest - children

1st place - Johnathan Edens 8 slices

2nd place - Angel Edens 7 slices

3rd place - Shayna Perkins 5 slices

Watermelon eating contest - teens

1st place - Micheal Daughhetee 14 slices

2nd place - Jordan Hollinsworth 8 slices

3rd place - Dalton Edans 7 slices

Watermelon eating contest - adults

1st place Victor Hollingsworth - 10 slices

2nd place Lisa Plunkett - 7 slices

3rd place Mr Perkins - 4 slices

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