Town of Beaver Newsletter
September 10, 2007

Golden Gate of the Ozarks Bridge and the train trestle


Submitted by: Mary Hill, Recorder/Treasurer, with permission of the Town Council

The Newsletter this month is a report on the business conducted at the September 10th Council meeting at the Community Center.

The Mayor called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. and all present recited the Pledge of Allegience.  The following answered Roll Call:  Mayor Kriesel, Recorder/Treasurer, Mary Hill, and the following Council Members:  Rick Pennington, Cathy Shusta, Bill Padgett.  Wayne Hennis was absent and Pamela Teslow, although present, has not been sworn in by the County Clerk.

Others Present were:  Sue Tinsley, Park Manager, Brenda Borum, Manager of the Beaver Town Inn, LaDonna Padgett, Billie Jo Crough, Renee Pennington, Bill Hill and Mr. and Mrs. Capps, and Tigger Thomas (the Hill's dog), who greeted everyone then went home.

After review of the Minutes of the June meeting and the Finanacial Reports for June, July and August, and there being no comments, the Mayor declared the reports approved as written.

Opening remarks, the Mayor thanked those present for their interest in the Town and also thanked the gardeners for their work on the town gardens and residents who have contributed to the beauty of the Town by maintaining their property. 

He went on to say that he had stayed in several campgrounds this summer while on vacation and none were as well maintained as ours and they cost more per night.

He thanked the Manager and, Billie, her son, for all their hard work.  He intorduced the new Assistant Managers, Helga and Martin Edmondson, who are currently building a house on Holiday Island. 

The handyman, Denny Alexander, has been busy around town and the Park painting buildings and repairing electrical and plumbing fixtures. He has also been hired by some private residents to work on their property.  The owners pay him separately.

Campsite #16 has been upgraded to 50 amp service with full hook-ups available soon.  This site will be reserved for Workampers who will help out at the Park in exchange for free or reduced rates.

Park Manager Report

Sue Tinsley opened her report with an apology for any offenses she might have committed against local residents because she trys so diligently to follow the Park rules whe was given at the beginning of the summer. 

She reported that the Pot Luck and Chili Cook Off she had been asked to orchestrate for the Town was attended by the campers but not by any of the local townspeople and she was deeply hurt by the lack of attention. Also, campers have complained about the 10 p.m. curfew against noise when she cuts off the Karoke Night festivities or the musical entertainment at 10 p.m. 

The Holiday and special event weekends were very well attended with 800 people enjoying the Paddle Fest and 38 antique VW's driving through the Park.  The VW club gave a donation of $41 to use the facilities.  Thank you.

For the season to date, she has accepted 806 reservations and had 1829 adults and 621 children as campers.  Cathy Shusta asked if she had lost revenue due to the rain and Sue replied "no" because she doesn't give refunds if weather conditions don't meet expectations.        

Sue recommends raising the rates to equal those in the area; to change the parking rules requiring only 2 vehicles per campsite with extras being parked in the lower parking lot; change the check in/out times to allow for clean up of sites and to clarify the Season/Family Pass as she has had many complaints about the pass being for only one vehicle. 

Also, parking on Parkway has created a problem for campers trying to enter the Park and Sue asked that "No Parking" signs be installed.        

There was a great deal of talk about the Town dogs running loose in the Park and complaints from campers because they have to keep their dogs on a leash and residents do not.  Town Attorney, Bill Hill, stated that although we have an ordinance that requires dogs to be confined to the owners property or be on a leash when off the property, we do not have the means to enforce it.  Many more comments followed and after having "beat that dog" to death Council moved on to other things. 

The Council asked for a copy of the Park Rules and any other information available to review at the next meeting, October 1, before making a decision.  The Park closes for the season on October 31st.

New Business 

Waste disposal:  The Mayor asked for a volunteer to help him research the problem of waste disposal.  The cost of pumping and the port-a-pottys continue to increase and is reducing the funds available for improvements.  Brenda Borum volunteered to do the computer research and to participate in a visit to the White River Foundation and Corps in Branson. The Mayor is available any Tuesday.

Other Business

The Mayor announced the resignation of Wayne Hennis from the Council effective September 10, 2007.  Wayne is moving to Oklahoma.  The Mayor also read a letter from Recorder/Treasurer Mary Hill tendering her resignation as the Town Recorder/Treasurer effective December 31, 2007, unless relieved earlier by an enthusiastic volunteer.  The pay is $225 per month, requires approximately 20 hours each month and one must be a resident of Beaver for at least 6 months and a registered voter.  Call Mary at 253-7078 if interested.

Townspeople Comments       

Billie Jo Crough wanted to know if the By-laws concerning vendors in the Park were still in effect.  Attorney Hill explained that there was no such by laws or anything in the Ordinances about vendors.  She also asked that school bus stop signs be put up at each of the 3 stops in Town.        

Brenda Borum complained that the smoke from the tent area campfires was interfering with her sleep as it filled up her bedroom at night.  She offered to "rent" the sites for an entire season so she could get a good nights sleep.  She got no sympathy from the Council or Townspeople for that matter as many stated that the Park was there before she moved in and perhaps she should close her windows.        

Rick Pennington asked if the speed limit signs, specifically the 10 mph signs for the Bridge, could be moved closer to the Bridge.  Bill Hill will draft a letter to the AHD for the Mayor's signature.  The Mayor also asked that the height restriction be placed on the weight limit signs at Hwy's 62 and 187 and that the no commercial trucks sign on Hwy 62 needs to be moved as it is currently past the turn off.        

Cathy Shusta asked that the Council consider renting a flashing "your speed is_sign" to warn motorists of their speed.  Such a sign has been used in Eureka Springs recently and traffic has slowed, for the moment anyhow.        

After listening to the townspeople, the Mayor said that he would contact the Sherif's department about having a deputy available periodically to issue warnings and tickets especially on Corvette and Bikes, Blues, and BBQ weekend which is coming up shortly.  He then called for a motion to adjourn as the mosquitoes were taking over the Firehouse. 

Cathy Shusta made the motion, seconded by Bill Padgett, and it passed unanimously.  Meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.


The UPS deliveryman knocked on my door around 1 p.m. to tell me that a deer was hung up in the fence.  I called 911 on my cell phone and they sent the Game Warden out to investigate.  While waiting for him, I called the Mayor who came over and helped rescue the deer.  As you can see, he's a very caring man, and "Twinkle Toes" accepted his ministrations. 

People assisting baby deer

She is currently on the screen porch recovering from her injuries and we hope will be up and out of here playing in the pond soon as winning the steeple chase is not in her future.  The Game Warden proclaimed her to have no broken bones just shock and awe, you might say, at her predictament.  I named her Twinkle Toes because this is the second time she's had a run in with the fence.

Update 9/13/2007: Twinkle Toes died last night. On reflection, it's probably for the best since she was much smaller than her twin. And, if anyone else in Town has an opportunity to render aid to wildlife, the recommended food is goats milk either by syringe (without the needle, of course) or dropper. The other option is to call the deer sancuary at 870-423-5614 to talk to Andrea White about assistance. To dispose of the carcass, deliver it to Turpintine Creek Big Cat Refuge on Hwy 23 South.

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