Town of Beaver Newsletter
November 28, 2007

Golden Gate of the Ozarks Bridge and the train trestle


Submitted by: Mary Hill, Recorder/Treasurer, with permission of the Town Council


Highlights of the October meeting include, a special report from Constable Jack Deaton who on special request set up a speed check point in Beaver and stopped 17 people in half an hour who were speeding through town. Please watch your speed after crossing the bridge especially as you approach the hill by the Post Office. We have young children who live nearby and play in their front yard sometimes.

The posted speed limit is 10 miles an hour on the bridge up to the Post Office when it changes to 25 miles per hour. For safety, please maintain that speed to the Firehouse when you may increase your speed to the posted limit. This is a very windy road with many pedestrians, pets, and wildlife crossing the road at all hours. We've had one deer strike this year so far and that is due to excessive speed. The folks along 187 have cleared their fence rows so motorists can see the animals on the sides and slow down for them. You never know when one will jump out in front of you.

In other news, the Park closed for the season on October 31st and the manager's contract was not extended. We are currently advertising for new managers. The Council decided not to allow winter camping or to decorate the bridge with lights for the holiday season due to the difficulty of increasing the voltage to accommodate the lights.

At the November meeting, the Council voted to investigate sub-leasing the park and a letter has been sent to the Corps of Engineers, Little Rock District, asking for written permission to do so. We have had one person approach the Council on the possibility of sub-leasing. If approved by the Corps, a Town meeting will be held to discuss this issue.

In other business, the Council decided to cancel Wolf-Pack-Port-a-Potty, and has hired Steve's Septic to provide a port-a-potty for public use near the boat launching pad for the winter months.

The next Council meeting will be December 3rd at 7 p.m. at the Firehouse and all are welcome and encouraged to attend. There is still one vacant seat available for anyone who wants to volunteer for this position. Please see the Mayor if you are interested. Note: All public records can be viewed at the Town office by appointment (253-7078)


The gardeners are gradually getting the plants winterized and will be mowing and raking the wildflowers soon, readying the ground for the planting of poppies. Word on the street is that the AHD is interested in photographing the Bridge for the cover of their magazine sometime next Spring. Upon hearing this, I mentioned that we had had some interest in "lighting the bridge" for the holiday and the person talking thought that'd be a great idea and promised to bring it up at HQ. So, keep your fingers crossed.


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The View From the Corner by Brenda Borum

Fall has finally arrived! The colors last week were a bright spot after such a long Indian Summer. Now we have winter weather coming in for Thanksgiving. The geese have returned on a daily basis, the squirrels are still scampering about gathering their winter food. The campground is quiet for the next few months and all is slowing down. There are still some fishermen and boaters visiting and enjoying the beauty. Many have been paying attention to the 10 MPH speed limit from the far side of the bridge to the Post Office in both directions. Some are still running the stop sign and speeding across the bridge. Others go slow across the bridge and to the curve, then floor it as they come around the curve. Overall, there is improvement. It is not near as scary sitting here in front of this window now.

During the Civil War, family history says the Union Army came in to Beaver, ate all Squire Beaver's cattle and chickens. They also took his 15 year old brother to the top of the hill near Beaver cemetery and hung him. Their reasoning was that he would soon be old enough to join the Squire in the Confederate Army at Fayetteville. Due to family hardships the Squire was given an early discharge. His home was used as a hospital for both sides of the conflict. He never got the post office back because he would not swear allegiance to the US.

The General Store will be open through the winter from 10-6, closed on Tuesdays & Wednesdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Year's Day. We are also offering a discount to residents for their family members at the Inn. The Kitchen and Social Room at the Inn are also available to be rented. Tours are available daily for the Castle. Call the store to make arrangements. Many changes are taking place, we invite you to stop by and check them out! Stop by for a cup of coffee!


We've had a real estate boom in Beaver this Fall. Three houses have sold: the Hennis' on Palisades and the new owners are Jim Crow, Rick Shine and Robb Williams all from Hawaii; the Bothellos', on Lazy L Lane; and the Sanchez' on Feather Creek. We will miss all of them but welcome the new owners and hope to have everyone involved in our Town soon. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU .

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